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Briargate Dental Center is leading the way in advanced dental procedures in Colorado. We are committed to the care and comfort of our each of our patients and their families, which is why we seek out and implement the latest dental treatment technologies. Many of these technologies involve lasers or digital systems that are more precise, reduce recovery times, and increase the comfort of our patients.

Here are a few of the advanced technologies we are using in our office.


The E4D system is comprised of a computer system and digital camera that allows us to model teeth without making impressions. The 3D image is projected onto a monitor and is used to design various restoration procedures like crowns, inlays, onlays, and veneers. The E4D system takes only a few minutes, dramatically reducing the time it would traditionally take. Take a look at our same day crowns


SOPROCARE uses a laser system to detect tooth decay that could be missed by traditional detection methods. The lasers reflect off of the surface of the teeth, allowing the computer to determine places where fissures and cavities have developed. This laser technology allows us to get to problem spots early so they don’t get worse and cause bigger problems down the road.


Epic X & LaserSmile Dental Diode Lasers
The Epic X & LaserSmile systems harnesses the power of laser technology to whiten teeth and perform various soft tissue procedures and reduce pain. Using a laser instead of traditional tools gives our patients a greater level of comfort and better recovery times.


Carestream and Schick Digital X-Rays
We have replaced the traditional x-ray machine with Schick Digital X-rays, and our patients are experiencing the benefits. Digital x-rays are much more comfortable and precise than standard dental x-ray equipment, and they save a lot of time.

These are some of the advanced laser and digital technologies we’ve implemented at Briargate Dental Center to give you the most comfortable, quality care in Colorado. We will continue to keep up with the latest advancements in dental treatment to give our customers the best experience possible.



If you want to see for yourself the benefits of modern dental technology, give us a call at 719.598.1293 or 719.528.6222. We’d love to meet you and show you how the systems used at Briargate Dental Center is improving the experience for all of our patients.