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Crooked teeth are great candidates for Invisalign clear aligners. Misaligned teeth can cause more problems than just an aesthetically unpleasing smile and can cause major issues over time. When your bite is uneven and more pressure is put on certain teeth, this can cause problems such as the recession of your gums, bone loss, tooth mobility, cracked teeth, gum disease, and much more.

Invisalign aligners work by applying different pressure and forces to move the teeth. Depending on your case, the aligners are worn no less than 22 hours a day and the average case lasts around 9 months.

We offer clear Invisalign aligners to help not only with oral aesthetics but patients’ overall bite to prevent harm in the future.  These aligners offer an almost invisible alternative to metal braces.

Invisalign Treatment

Having your teeth aligned correctly can help prevent all of these issues and keep your teeth healthy for years to come and with Invisalign treatment, it eliminates the need for traditional orthodontic treatment such as traditional braces. Straighter teeth are easier than ever in Colorado Springs. Briargate Dental Center offers a free consultation with our Colorado Springs dentist. If you are considering Invisalign clear aligners for your crooked teeth.

Dr. Baumgardner, who is certified and trained in these systems, will supervise your Invisalign treatment plan along the way to make sure your case is proceeding correctly. We would love to be your Invisalign provider of choice.

Our expertise in straight teeth and happy smiles using removable aligners is backed by years of experience. Unlike traditional braces, a straighter smile is possible with Invisalign clear aligners that are virtually invisible at first glance and provide a convenient option from metal brackets and metal wires from your orthodontist or dentist.

Clear Aligners: Invisalign

Ask us if you are a candidate for clear aligners at our dentist’s office! We offer a variety of payment options such as many insurance plans that can help cover the cost of virtually undetectable clear aligners.

Many patients have been fully satisfied with the results of Invisalign clear retainers and how their ease of use allows for straight teeth and importantly, a straight smile.

If for some reason we see that your case is too complicated we will be happy to refer you to one of our Orthodontists to proceed with your treatment in severe cases.

We are proud to offer the Invisalign aligners, Reveal, and ClearCorrect brands of clear aligners.

Orthodontic Treatment

If you are interested in clear aligners as opposed to traditional braces, call our office to schedule an Invisalign treatment plan consultation and we would be happy to talk to you about your treatment options. If you are a good candidate, we will discuss which type of aligners will be best for your case, and answer any questions you have.

Benefits of Invisalign

  • Invisalign Clear Teeth Aligners: Invisalign dental braces are clear and nearly invisible, so most people can’t spot them.
  • More Comfortable: With zero wires or brackets, Invisalign clear aligners are comfortable to use, especially when compared to traditional orthodontic braces. There is typically an initial discomfort as the mouth adjusts.
  • Removable: Invisalign can be taken out by the patient, which has its benefits. Taking them off before meals allows you to eat whatever you want.
  • Oral Health: Because they are easily removed, brushing and flossing are much easier than with hard-wired braces for example.
  • Fast Treatment: Invisalign clear teeth aligners can align teeth in 6 – 18 months.
  • Perfect Smile: With the advancement and technology of Invisalign Aligners, a great smile is attainable much like traditional braces.