I don't normally take the time to review, read why I did…

Review for Dental Service

I have small children, god teeth and normally don't take the time to review standard dental care, in fact I have never really had a bad dental experience until moving to CS last September. What began was a whirlwind or dentist who did some bad work, tried to make the "up sale" and didn't really listen. It left me with a pile of dental cost and a tooth that persistently hurt (again never have had dental issues). I finally chose to try Briargate Dental and I have from the phone call to the finished product I was super pleased. They worked me in on a Friday with a full schedule and then he spent 45 minutes talking to em what was going on, what options I had, etc. He replaced a crown for me and did a perm. restore on a root canal tx. tooth. He was thorough, made me comfortable, was easy to talk with and did everything that day in office. The biggest thing was he did the work. He didn't walk out of the room letting the tech work, he did the work from start to finish. And the finally product was 10x better than what was on there. I really wish I had found this office before all my dental woes began but better late than never! Seriously a great place to have dental work that you can be confident in!!! Huge up's the doc and his office:)

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